Mobileye Fleet Presentation

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Safety and efficiency for your fleet

Advanced Mobile Solutions distributes Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and safety solutions for fleet-customers. Our vision is to protect your vehicle fleet through the distribution of certified Collision Avoidance Systems.

Since 2016 we have been helping customers from all over the United States to improve their fleet safety and our work has made an important contribution towards the reduction of traffic accidents as well as the improvement of public safety

As an independent dealer of Mobileye, the global leader in ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, we guarantee the long-term optimization of your fleet and income: Mobileye saves lives, prevents collisions and reduces fuel and maintenance costs.

Mobileye – a one-time investment that pays for itself

Mobileye 6-Series

The Mobileye 6-Series is the further development of the Mobileye 5-Series and can be retrofitted to private vehicles as well as vehicle fleets consisting of midsize vehicles, transporters, taxis, or trucks.

The Mobileye 6-Series is especially being deployed by fleet operators in order to provide their drivers with an highly effective ADAS and collision avoidance system. The Mobileye 6-Series display enables vehicle to comply with NHTSA standards for forward collision and lane departure warnings

ADAS: Reduce collisions, save costs

The Mobileye 6-Series is based on a high precision vision sensor located at the windscreen of the vehicle acting as a bionic eye. The advanced image sensing and processing technology continuously scans the driving environment, identifying potential threats even before they become dangerous.

A further system component is the Eye WatchTM Display, sending audio and visual real-time warnings to the driver: If danger is imminent, the display immediately shows the particular threat on the display. Next to the visual signals, the system also provides audio notifications, assisting the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.


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